Today we’re announcing the launch of UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter: an original action-puzzle adventure for your mobile phone and tablet -- a daring first for the franchise that has never hesitated to give players new and unexpected experiences. Underneath the irreverent wit and original style of Nate’s first mobile outing lies a crafted, brain-punching puzzle experience that we (Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC, and Playspree) have built for you in secret, with love, for the past year.

    Uncharted 4: Fortune Hunter rated Teen with Fantasy Violence and Language

    Jason Paul
    May 6, 2016
    As the release of UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End draws near, we’re very excited to surprise fans with something wholly unexpected. Today we’re announcing the launch of UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter an original action-puzzle adventure for your mobile phone and tablet -- a daring first for the franchise that has never hesitated to give players new and unexpected experiences. Underneath the irreverent wit and original style of Nate’s first mobile outing lies a crafted, brain-punching puzzle experience that we (Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment America, and Playspree) have built for you in secret, with love, over the past year.

    uncharted 4 apk

    The game is available right now in the App Store and on Google Play.

    As you’ll quickly notice, this is not a port. In fact, this Nathan Drake (and Sully, too!) is everything you remember and nothing like what you’ve seen before. For nearly a decade, the UNCHARTED franchise has defined the standard by which creators bring their imagination to life on PlayStation and (as you will soon experience) our incredible colleagues at Naughty Dog have continued to push that standard higher. So instead of banging our heads against old mobile phones, our teams came together to take on a far more daunting challenge: to offer you an unexpected take on Nathan Drake that you could fall in love with all over again! The aesthetic may be new, but underneath Nate’s low-poly skin is a playful, yet witty, homage to how we first met him many years ago.

    Well, not “simple” – it offers over 200 levels of smart, strategic survival across four deadly environments and six unique adventures. You can play for a few minutes at a time, for months to come. Each adventure also adds an element to the challenge -- from rotating dart traps to pushable blocks to paths that turn to rubble under your feet.

    You can earn six vanity items, and also partner with Sully to harvest one-time boosters and extra multiplayer relics while you’re away from the PlayStation. Find all of the treasures in UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter and you’ll get this Naughty Dog Top Hat to prove it.

    IT’S FREE!
    While optional in-app purchases can be used to supplement your mastery or vanity, the rewards in UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is free to download, and the rewards can be earned for free by playing. That said, Nate might look good in a move-enhancing Mo-Cap suit, don’t you think?!

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    TeaTV APK: Watching Movies is one of the most entertaining ways to spend leisure time. These days there are multiple entertainment services that offer on demand video content. But these services come with a price tag that costs a lot.

    Not everyone can afford these premium subscriptions and for those who can’t afford there used to be free alternatives like Terrarium TV, that offered high quality and latest movies for Free.

    But the shutdown of Terrarium TV service has left millions of its users to demise as they instantly lost access to their favourite movies.

    Is there any alternative to Terrarium TV?
    It has been a tough time for me for watching movies and my favourite shows for free until I found a service that served the exact purpose just like Terrarium TV. Prior to that, I have borrowed the accounts of Prime Video, Hotstar and Netflix from my friends to get entertained.

    Things changed when I was introduced to a new video streaming service by one of my friends and this service is a good Terrarium TV alternative.

    What is the New Service?
    Tea TV is a new and similar video streaming service that lets you watch your favourite movies in 1080p. It is a cross-platform service and is available across multiple platforms like Android, Windows and macOS.

    The Tea TV app is a great service that will definitely put an end to your quest for best free video streaming services and Terrarium TV alternatives.

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    Features of Tea TV:
    As I said, it is a great alternative to Terrarium TV and apps like Showbox, it is also an improved version of these services.

    Tea TV app packs several latest features to deliver smooth and high-quality video streaming to enjoy Free HD Movies.

    Here are some of the cool features of Tea TV:

    Modern and easy to use User interface.
    Powerful filters to quickly search for your favourite movies.
    Completely free and safe to use.
    Supports multiple devices.
    Available for Android, Windows and Mac OS.
    Can stream content in 1080p video resolution.
    Supports external devices like Firestick.
    Add movies to watch list and watch them later.
    If the above features excited you to get your hands on the Tea TV app here is how you can download Tea TV and watch movies online for free.

    You can download Tea TV for Android, Windows and Mac OS. Here below we have given a detailed method to download Tea TV for Android and Desktop platforms.

    How to Download Tea TV for Android?
    As Tea TV app comes under free video streaming platform, Google doesn’t allow such apps to be listed on Play Store.

    To install Tea Tv for Android you need to download Tea TV APK. You can easily download the latest version of Tea TV APK.

    Please be aware that there will malicious apps that look similar to Tea TV APK and these malicious apps spread the virus.

    You need to be cautious while downloading Android APK files from third-party sites. Make sure you download them from a trusted like us.

    You can download Tea TV Android APK by clicking here.

    How to Install Tea TV for Android?

    Installing Tea TV on your Android smartphone and watching free HD movies is a very simple task. All you need to do is to follow the below simple guide.

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    Guide to Install Tea TV Android APK:
    Download the Tea TV APK file from the above link.
    As it is from external sources you need to allow installation of apps from Unknown sources. To do that just go to settings → security settings and Turn on allow installation from Unknown sources option.
    Allow unknown sources

    Now navigate to the location of the APK file using a File Manager like Google Files and tap on the APK file.
    Tapping on the APK file will launch the setup process and the app will be installed like the other apps.
    Upon successful installation launch the app and enjoy free movies in 1080p.
    install tea tv app

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    Note: Disable the installation of application from Unknown sources setting after the installation of Tea TV APK to protect your device from Threats.

    So this is how you can enjoy watching movies online right on your mobile using Tea TV APK. You can Freely download movies for Offline and watch them at your convenience or on the go.

    Alternative Versions of Tea TV:
    We have mentioned earlier that Tea TV is available for other platforms as well, including the desktop version. Here is a quick guide on how you use Tea TV alternatively across multiple devices and other platforms.

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    Tea TV for Windows:
    Just like me if you are the guy who loves to enjoy movies on a big screen with a bucket full of popcorn in hands, then the exciting thing is that Tea TV is available for Windows platform as well.

    Watching movies on a small screen can often be irritating and doesn’t deliver an immersive experience. Watching movies on a laptop with a big screen can deliver a binge cinematic experience.

    Using an emulator to install such Android streaming apps can often lead to terrible experiences. To skip such worst experiences while watching movies the developers of Tea TV has launched a dedicated application of Tea TV for Windows platform.

    An added advantage of using Tea TV on a big screen is that you will not be bothered by irritating ads. Yes, you heard it right the desktop version of Tea TV doesn’t feature ads.

    If the above thing excites you then here is how you can install Tea TV for Windows.

    Download TeaTv For PC Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Laptop:
    The Windows version of Tea TV app can easily be downloaded from the official GitHub Repository of the Tea Tv developers.

    All you need to do is to download the .exe file of the Tea TV Windows Version from Here and install it just like any other application you install on Windows.

    Follow the on-screen installation instructions and you can easily install Tea TV on Windows.

    Tea TV for Mac OS:
    Apple’s app ecosystem is a walled garden that is carefully guarded by the Apple team. There will hardly be any free service that offers video streaming services for free.

    If you are a Mac user, then you can install applications that can help you watch free movies. But sadly only a few services support Mac OS platform.

    Fortunately, Tea TV is one such service that is available for Mac OS. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for anything and you can use the service for free. Moreover, unlike other similar services, it is free to use for streaming and watching movies on your MacBook.

    Download Tea Tv for Mac OS:
    Just like Windows the Mac Version of Tea TV doesn’t show any ads you can have a seamless experience on your Macbook with a clean and minimal user interface.

    Here is how you can download Tea TV for Mac OS.

    Download the Mac Version of the Tea TV from the official GitHub repo and install the app on your Apple Mac OS.

    Once the installation is complete you can enjoy your favourite shows including anime and other categories on your Apple Mac OS X.

    Why Should I Switch to Tea TV?

    Earlier I never thought of a second alternative while using Terrarium TV app. But with the shut down of the Terrarium TV, I was forced to look for an alternative to satisfy my thirst for watching movies online.

    When I was introduced to Tea TV the first thing that caught my attention is its minimalist and beautiful UI that looks clean and modern.

    Though the Showbox app looks good it isn’t available as a native Windows and Mac application. One has to install the APK file inside an emulator which ends up freezing the computer hardware.

    This is where Tea TV excels in and has emerged as a good free HD video streaming service. Tea TV has native applications for all the platforms.

    It also consumes minimum hardware resources making your PC or Mobile run smoothly.

    The biggest advantage is that the desktop versions of Tea TV app don’t show ads which is a good gesture for movie lovers.

    So it is worth switching to Tea TV with all these advantages.

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    Ending the Article –
    So this is regarding the best free video streaming app Tea TV. Overall Tea TV is a great app to watch HD movies online.

    It is safe to use and doesn’t spread any malware. Tea TV app lists movies in different categories including anime.

    Checkout our homepage for such cool posts.

    If you face any difficulty with installation of Tea TV drop your problems in comments and we will be happy to assist you.

    Meanwhile share this article with movie lovers in your contacts and make them part of the fun.

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